Clinical Services

Clinical services:

At Cascades Synergy LLC, we realize that running a successful clinical trial is essential for the success of a start-up.

  • Every month that can be spared in a clinical trial will have a profound impact on burn-rate and fundraising requirements.

  • Potential high enroller sites usually run multiple trials at once and need the right support to ensure they will privilege a particular trial.

  • The success of a novel clinical device often hinges on keeping the right level of training at the sites.

  • Clinical trials are opportunities to gather critical feedback for future product improvements.

  • The ultimate goal of a clinical trial is successful commercialization.

We will assist you in selecting the right clinical sites. Our team will provide constant support to the sites and ensure that the study is always the focus of the clinical team. Along the way, we will also gather meaningful user feedback to facilitate future product development.

Our mission usually doesn’t end with the completion of the clinical trial. We are prepared to help you in the next phase, whether it is an early exit strategy or successful commercialization.