About Us

Dominic Vogt

Dominic Vogt founded Cascades Synergy LLC in 2005 with the intention of meeting the needs of medical device companies ranging from start-ups to corporations. Mr. Vogt has leveraged his 30+ years of experience and skillset in the medical industry to reach success on activities ranging from early concept development to exit strategies. Most recently, Mr. Vogt has focused the consulting firm’s efforts on international clinical trials and commercialization.

From 2001 to 2004, Mr. Vogt was Vice-President of Marketing at EKOS Corporation, a medical device start-up located in Bothell, WA. During his tenure, the company developed a unique technology applying ultrasound-enhanced thrombolysis for the treatment of stroke and peripheral vascular occlusions.

From 1999 to 2001, Mr. Vogt was Director then VP of International Sales and Marketing at Somnus Medical Technologies Inc., a publicly traded company dedicated to the treatment of upper airway disorders. Somnus is now a part of Gyrus ACMI, a division of Olympus Corp.

From 1992 to 1999, Mr. Vogt was at Target Therapeutics (Neurovascular) where he assumed various sales and marketing responsibilities before and after a merger with Boston Scientific Corporation. Responsibilities included spending 4 years in Europe as a European Sales and Marketing Manager in charge of deploying an immensely successful program for the treatment of brain aneurysm. This role led to the development of a unique physician training program instrumental for its success. He also assumed direct responsibility for the German subsidiary. Taking on another assignment, he developed Emerging Market into a significant franchise, multiplying sales by 4, in just 1 year. In his last role at BSC, he was responsible for aneurysm therapy, managing at the time the Neurovascular’s largest portfolio.

Mr. Vogt holds an MBA in International Management from Graduate School of Management, University of Dallas, Texas and a BBA in Finance from EDC - Ecole des Dirigeants et Créateurs d'entreprise in Paris, France.

Gábor Bien

Gábor Bien joined the team at Cascades Synergy LLC in 2016. Most recently, Mr. Bien has assumed a Clinical Site Management role across a variety of clinical sites in Europe. Mr. Bien has a 15+ years medical experience encompassing clinical, marketing, sales, business development and product management experience gathered in Surgery, Intensive Care, Urology, Cardiology, Neuroradiology and Peripheral Vascular medicine. He worked with Johnson and Johnson, Siemens, AccuVein, CryoSeal, Rontis and Balt.

Mr. Bien studied at Eötvös Loránd University in Barczi Gusztav College for Teachers of Special Needs where among other things, he studied Clinically-oriented Anatomy and Geriatrics.

Anthony Vogt

Anthony Vogt is Cascades Synergy LLC’s latest addition to the team. Mr. Vogt has used his engineering experience and clinical training to support Clinical Site Manager and Medical Device Specialist roles. He is currently involved in 3 important clinical trials.

Mr. Vogt holds a BSE in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University.